Get comfortable marketing your company with social media!

For small business owners, social media marketing can seem like a daunting task to add to the list of owning a business. But thanks to the multitude of apps available, there is something out there to ease the stress. From content planning to scheduling posts, these apps can make interacting with your customers online a breeze.

It is important to keep in mind the type of marketing channels you are looking to take advantage of. Not all apps are created equally and you might find that one platform will suit you better than others. Once you know what platforms you want to use, you can begin using the apps to create an effortless social media presence.



This all-in-one program is held in high regards by many business owners for it’s easy to use platform. Hootsuite allows you to view all of your channels at once as well as tap into conversations filtered to your desires, making customer interaction a breeze. Using the app, you can schedule a mass amount of social media posts for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and relax knowing your message will reach your audience when the time is right. Hootsuite also has loads of tips and tricks to make your social media experience less of a guessing game, making you a social media pro in no time!





It may seem like a no-brainer that Facebook could help with your marketing but the platform has a hidden tool to make marketing online a dream. On Facebook you can schedule posts for later dates without having to worry about posting during a busy day.





Later offers a simpler way of scheduling visual content on Instagram. This app gives you the opportunity to schedule a vast variety of posts all in one spot for your Instagram feed and tap into user-generated content that could fit in well with your own personalized Instagram feed. Using Later allows you to optimize on the high visual social media platform.






Buffer makes scheduling posts across all your social media platforms a breeze with their easy-to-use program used among many other businesses. This app also makes it easy to check in on your content progress and reach with their content analytic tools.





With the right tools, taking advantage of these platforms for the purpose of marketing your growing business will seem like second nature in no time.  These apps can help create the social media presence your business needs to succeed!


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