Osoyoos Community Groups


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Air Cadets
Susan Midgeley
(T)  250.498.0418
(TF) 800.627.0828

Arthritis Support Group
Primary contact: Ruth Brill
(T) 250.495.3554

Artists on Main
Chair: Keryn Timmerman
(T) 778.439.2037



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Baby Talk
Interior Health
(T) 250.495.6433

Better at Home (formerly CASI)
8307 72 Avenue, Osoyoos
Primary contact: Brittany von Burg
(T) 250.495.6925
(E) southokanaganbetterathome@telus.net

BPO Elks #436
Ken Usher
(T) 250.495.7737

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Communities for Kids
Primary contact: Lynn Cook
(T) 250.496.5511
(E) lynn-cook@telus.net

Cancer Support Group
Alice Partridge
(T) 250.495.7725

Choosing Wellness
Sharon Krenn
(T) 250.495.7886

Citizens on Patrol
Chris Boxall
(T) 250.495.0485


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Dance Oasis
Chrissie Serry
(T) 250.495.0715

Desert Dog Agility Club
Claudia Sauder
(T) 250.495.5075

Desert Duelists Fencing
Jennifer Brock

Desert Park Exhibition Society
Primary contact: Paddy Head
(T) 250.495.8181
(E) padhea@gmail.com

Desert Sun Counseling and Resource Centre
Primary contact: Jodie McDonald, SSW
(T) 250.498.2538
(E) desertsuncounselling@gmail.com

Desert Valley Hospice Society
(T) 250.495.1590


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Friends of the Library
Georga Bruyel
(T) 250.495.7637


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Kiwanis Club
Donna Kelso
(T) 250.495.7701

Knights of Columbus
Wally Murphy
(T) 250.495.4506



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Lake Osoyoos Sailing Club
Primary contact: Chris Scheuren
(T) 250.495.7807
(E) sailosoyoos@live.ca


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Mariposa Auxilary
Primary contact: Lyla Kallenberger
(T) 250.495.7199

Market on Main
Primary contact: Jessie Smythe
(T) 250.495.3537
(E) osoyoosmarketonmain@hotmail.com

Meals on Wheels
Verna Shannon
(T) 250.495.5055

Museum Society
Kara Burton
(T) 250.495.2582



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Naturalists Club
Carol Boan
(T) 250.495.6107


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Okanagan Boys and Girls Club
(T) 250.485.2752
(T) 250.498.8844
(E) osoyoos@boysandgirlsclubs.ca

Okanagan Historical Society
Gayle Cornish
(T) 250.495.7715

Okanagan Regional Library (Osoyoos)
8505 68 Avenue
(T) 250.495.5174

Okanagan Similkameen Parks Society
(T) 250.494.8996
(E) anglerem@telus.net

Old Timers Soccer
Igor Pavolina
(T) 250.495.2056

Oliver / Osoyoos Search and Rescue
(T) 250.498.3853
(E) oosar@oosar.org
(W) www.oosar.org

O’s Own Writing Group
Sue Whittaker
(T) 250.495.7664

Osoyoos Child Care Centre
Karen Greig
(T) 250.495.5020

Osoyoos Concert Series
Tina Begg
(T) 250.495.3272

Osoyoos Desert Bridge Club
Eileen Currier
(T) 250.498.0508

Osoyoos Desert Society
Primary contact: Denise Eastlick
(T) 250.495.2470
(E) mail@desert.org

Osoyoos & District Arts Council
Sue Whittaker
(T) 250.495.7664

Osoyoos Festival Society
Primary contact: Shirley Baker
(T) 250.495.6880

Osoyoos Golf Club
Primary contact: Lee Sapach
(T)  250.495.7003

Osoyoos Irrigation District (East Bench)
Box 485, Osoyoos  BC  V0H 1V0​
Payment inquiries can be directed to Eileen Varga, Treasurer
(T) 250.495.7605

Osoyoos International Curling Club
(T) 250.495.7733
(E) icccurling@gmail.com

Osoyoos Lake Dragon Boating
Wendy Barlow
(T) 250.485.2699

Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society
Primary Contact: Birgit Arnstein
(T) 250.495.0728
(E) olwqs4info@gmail.com

​Osoyoos Lawn Bowling Club
Primary contact: Naga Terada
(T) 250.495.6801

Osoyoos Minor Ball
(E) osoyoosminorball@gmail.com

Osoyoos Museum Society
Primary contact: Kara Burton
(T) 250.495.2582
(E) info@osoyoosmuseum.ca

Osoyoos Photography Club
Greg Reely
(T) 604.619.0172

Osoyoos Quilt Guild
Maureen Wood
(T) 250.495.4569

Osoyoos Royalty Committee
Primary contact: Kara Burton
(T) 250.689.2353
(E) osoyoosroyalty@gmail.com

Osoyoos Senior’s Centre
(T) 250.495.6921

Osoyoos Slo-Pitch League
Community Services
(T) 250.495.6562

Osoyoos Tennis Club
Sam Dimou
(T) 778.437.2130

Osoyoos Traditional Archery School
Brock Patton
(T) 250.495.7878

Osoyoos Wood Carvers
Primary contact: Joe Trosky
(T) 250.495.5079
(E) josephft@persona.ca

Osoyoos & District Arts Council
Primary contact: Sue Whittaker
(T) 250.495.7664
(E) swhit@persona.ca

Osoyoos & District Arts Council Concert Series
Primary contact: Tina Begg
(T) 250.495.3272



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Parkinson’s Support Group
Maureen Olson
(T) 250.495.7978

Paddlemasters Pickleball Club

Pinnacles FC (Soccer)
(T) 778.476.5888
(E) admin@pinnaclesfc.com

Portuguese Canadian Cultural Club
3800 Golf Course Way
Primary contact: Joe Silva
(T) 250.495.6788

Pre Natal Classes
Interior Health
(T) 250.495.6433



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Red Cross Medical Equipment Loan
146 Spruce Avenue, Oliver
(T) 250.498.6700

Rotary Club
Judy Miller-Bennett
(T) 250.485.8876

Royal Canadian Legion #173 (Osoyoos)
President: Bruce Davies
8310 78 Ave
(T) 250.495.7447
(T) 250.498.9121

Royal Purple #240
Bonnie Stevens
(T) 250.495.6748


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Senior’s Centre
(T) 250.495.6921

Senior’s Slo-Pitch
John Katerenchuk
(T) 250.495.4008

Soroptomists International
6418 Chickadee Court

South Okanagan Amateur Players
Nathan Linders
(T) 250.498.5569

South Okanagan Concert Society
Contact: Janet Marcotte
(T) 250.495.6487

South Okanagan Community Literacy Program (Okanagan College)
Contact: Mary Kiviste
(T) 250.492.4305 ext. 3244
(TF) 1.866.510.8833

South Okanagan Minor Hockey Association (SOMHA)
Registrar: Brianne Hillson
(T) 250.498.1998

South Okanagan Taoist Tai Chi
Debra Holoboff
(T) 250.495.4576

South Okanagan Transit
(T) 250.498.8054

Square Dance Club
Ron Shulhan
(T) 250.498.0677

Sun Bowl Skating Club
Primary contact: Carol Nesdoly
(T) 250.495.7612


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Toastmasters Club
Shauna Burbridge
(T) 250.485.8465


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Welcome Wagon
(T) 250.490.1930