Logistics and Warehousing


Logistics and warehousing is becoming a key process innovation enabler across all business sectors and a strategic competitive advantage tool. Logistics activities are done in-house by users; including all manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, and by specialized logistics firms.

Osoyoos’ strategic location lends itself well to attracting businesses that wish to locate in an area where distribution infrastructure will provide a competitive advantage.

The Canadian logistics industry generates $50 billion in revenues (42% of which is trucking) and $75 billion in additional activity is done in-house across the industry.

On a global scale, the logistic and warehousing sector is growing at a much faster pace than the economy in general. As well, recent changes to the United States have moved the issue of timely border crossings to the forefront with many manufacturers. Collectively, these factors have created new opportunities for the Osoyoos area.

Osoyoos’ Buena Vista Industrial Park features low-cost serviced lots that are available for purchase by private owners. A unique aspect of the Park is the ability to include a residential living space within your industrial project. Further space opportunities for commercial and tourism enterprises are also readily available.

You will also find a number of businesses and services in the Buena Vista Industrial Park including South Okanagan Concrete Products, Sierra Self Storage, and JF Kustoms.

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