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The combination of the community’s labour pool, quality of life, strategic location, infrastructure, and low overhead costs makes Osoyoos an attractive community in which to locate a business. The Town is currently developing an economic development strategy which will guide the diversification of the community’s economy and aid in establishing a multifaceted, year-round economy for tourists, entrepreneurs, investors and residents alike.

Located on the Canada/United States border, at the junction of two major transportation routes, five hours from the port of Vancouver, and only 45 minutes from the Penticton airport, Osoyoos is strategically and internationally connected by land, air and sea, and positioned as an economic hub for the South Okanagan region.

Osoyoos’ open door business support policy makes it quick, easy, and less expensive to launch a new venture. The total costs of establishing and operating your business in Osoyoos are lower than many comparable communities in Canada or the United States. Investors can expect access to one of the lowest electric utility rates in North America, affordable housing prices, competitive property tax rates, and low labour costs.

Labour Force by Industry

Source: Statscan Census
Last Updated: November 2017

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