Industry in Osoyoos

Osoyoos’ ability to retain and attract new industry is unparalleled. Over the next few years, economic development in Osoyoos will be solely focused on diversifying the current economic offering to establish multifaceted, year-round economy for tourists, entrepreneurs, investors and residents alike.


The top industries being explored are:


Tourism    [intense_icon type=”photo”]

Viticulture    [intense_icon source=”typicons” type=”wine”]

Retail    [intense_icon type=”shopping-cart”]

Film    [intense_icon type=”film”]

Logistics and Warehousing    [intense_icon type=”flask”]

Aerospace     [intense_icon type=”plane”]

Agriculture    [intense_icon type=”sun”]

Construction    [intense_icon source=”elusive” type=”wrench”]



Click here for a full listing of local businesses in Osoyoos.