About Destination Osoyoos

No other community offers you the unique breadth of opportunities that Osoyoos, BC does. We deliver operational affordability and business-savvy support networks. A proven track record of nurturing great ideas as they travel from just a business idea to the marketplace. And a labor force that’s experienced, professional, diverse and growing.

Looking to relocate to an outstanding community? Then come Live, Invest and Work in beautiful Osoyoos, BC. where a short drive allows you to relax on a warm beach, kayak the lake, hike to the top of the mountain, bike the many trails or explore Canada’s only desert. Our moderate climate affords ample opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Osoyoos, all with easy access to local wineries and fruit orchards. Our community boasts excellent schools, medical care, parks and great events, such as the Osoyoos Oyster Festival and Cactus Jalopies Car show.

Home to many of the world’s best wineries, Osoyoos is a magnet for highly skilled professionals, with a diverse and colorful culture that makes it a dynamic and exciting place to live and work.

Small businesses are big business for the Town of Osoyoos and a key component to creating a vibrant, successful, and global community. As one of Canada’s warmest towns, Osoyoos understands the greatness obtained from embracing a diversity of people and business. By creating a dynamic framework where new ideas blend with the existing environment, we can ensure a sustainable and successful future. Part of that framework includes having a business community that represents all of the community.