About Osoyoos

No other community offers you the unique breadth of opportunities that Osoyoos, BC does. We deliver operational affordability and business-savvy support networks, a proven track record of nurturing great ideas as they travel from just a business idea to the marketplace, and a labor force that’s experienced, professional, diverse and growing.

Canada’s desert is tucked into the southernmost corner of the picturesque Okanagan Valley, and the  extraordinary habitat is home to one of North America’s most fragile ecosystems.

The Okanagan Valley was created by the retreat of massive glaciers approximately 10,000 years ago which left large  deposits of gravel, silt, clay and sand behind on the  bottom and sides of the valley. A series of lakes connected by a meandering bow river amid arid, rocky  hillsides was the result of this creative work of nature’s forces. The divergent terrain has created  unique microclimates and soil types in the various pockets, thus enabling agricultural pursuits such as  tree fruits, vineyards, vegetables and cattle production.



Immaculate rows of fruit trees and  grapevines decorate the terraces and gently rolling hills, and a variety of heat-loving vegetables grow on  the fertile valley. The small communities in the South Okanagan offer a full spectrum of amenities  along with cultural choices and recreation facilities.

The area has an ongoing variety of outdoor  recreation such as miles of hiking, biking and  horseback riding trails along with rock climbing,  boating, parasailing, swimming, shing, hunting, wildlife watching, skiing and golng. The South  Okanagan boasts several championship golf courses,  all with magnicent settings.

The gem of the South Okanagan is Osoyoos Lake, the warmest fresh water lake in Canada. Other lakes along the valley include Tuc-el-Nuit Lake, Gallagher Lake, Vaseux Lake and Skaha Lake, all offering recreational opportunities. The expanse of shimmering blue water and abundant beaches  has helped transform this valley into Canada’s  summer playground.

The strength of the South Okanagan is built upon the land, climate and its people who have sown the  seeds for a strong and diversified economy. The area’s agricultural base is varied and represents the  roots of our economy. The burgeoning wine industry produces internationally recognized wines from local  estate wineries. The South Okanagan boasts the greatest concentration of vineyards in Canada.

Businesses and entrepreneurs nd a favourable  business climate here. Enthusiastic cooperation and  support from community leaders and the business  community underline the South Okanagan’s  commitment to growth and economic diversication.

The overall quality of life is enhanced by one of  the most attractive climates in all of Canada, with  low levels of precipitation, high average  temperatures, comfortable humidity levels, short  winters and an early spring season.

If you are considering a lifestyle change…for a  day…for a week…for a season…or for a lifetime,  Osoyoos is the spot for you. It has the  charm of a beach town but the sophistication of a  larger centre and is the ideal place to  build a community and a future.


Consider Our Location

At the junction of two  major highways, adjacent to the US border and a  scenic 4.5 hour drive from Vancouver, Osoyoos is a vibrant community with an area population of 6,500.  On the shores of Osoyoos Lake in the fertile Okanagan Valley, our location deems our lifestyle.


Consider Our Lifestyle

Unique desert ecology, choices of alpine, lakeside, rural or town living,  spectacular weather, abundant fresh fruit, and vegetables provide the solid framework for building a  life and a lifestyle in Desert Wine Country’s sweet spot. And now a burgeoning wine industry with an  international reputation for quality has gained centre stage.

Your new lifestyle is also supported by arts and  cultural facilities, which include an art gallery,  museum, library and modern 300-seat performing  arts centre. You’ll also live an active life with a wide  range of recreational facilities including ice skating,  curling, equestrian facilities, several world-class golf  courses and a ski area. For those who are used to  ‘multi-tasking’, don’t forget that you can golf and ski  on the same day…in February!


Consider Our Amenities

The best of both  worlds is what lies in store for you in Osoyoos. Our  charming town provides boutique-style shopping  with unique products and personal service. In addition, our service shops such as grocery, pharmacy, jewelry, hardware, clothing  and furniture carry a wide selection for such a small community, but because we are located close to  major centres in both B.C. and Washington State, Osoyoos is just a short drive to ‘big box’ shopping, too.

Excellent healthcare facilities include a regional 24/7 hospital, medical clinics, dental surgeons,  optometrists, home care and day care services. Our  learning institutions range from kindergarten to  college level. And our community supports life long  learning programs throughout the year.


Consider Our Economy

Osoyoos is a community  with a progressive attitude toward economic  development founded on growth and diversication. Our strategic location coupled with business and  technology infrastructure all contribute to Osoyoos’ long standing reputation for a stable and resilient  economy. Advantageously located at one of the busiest Canada/US Border crossings and at the junction of two major transportation routes – Highway 97 and the Crowsnest Highway 3, Osoyoos is naturally  poised as an economic hub for the South Okanagan region and as a gateway for trafic entering Canada or  leaving for the United States.

Five hours from the port of Vancouver, and one or two hours from airports in Penticton and Kelowna,  Osoyoos is strategically and internationally connected  by land, air and sea.

Osoyoos is home to an active business community, including many independent operators who bring a  rich diversity to the local economy. Built upon the  wealth of our natural environment and the  community’s location, opportunities exist in many of  our traditional industries as well as emerging ones.

These sectors include: value added wood,  agriculture products, food and beverage processing, tourism infrastructure and retail amenities, logistics  and warehousing, and advanced manufacturing  opportunities such as aerospace and biotechnology. In addition the  diversity of the local economy lends  itself well to professionals in a variety of fields. Whether it be healthcare services or financial expertise, Osoyoos welcomes a wide variety of skills and qualifications to our labour force.

When combined with our labour pool, infrastructure and low overhead costs, Osoyoos’ open door business support policy makes it quick, easy and less expensive to launch a new venture. The total cost of establishing and operating your business in Osoyoos is lower than many comparable communities in Canada or the United States. Investors can expect access to one of the lowest electric utility rates in  North America, affordable housing  prices, competitive property tax  rates, and low labour costs.

Although Osoyoos was founded on agriculture,  diversity has been achieved through developments  in tourism, technology and retirement living. Osoyoos is a rapidly developing four-season resort community that continues to see dramatic  changes to its tourism base. Several new tourism ventures are at or nearing completion and position  the Osoyoos area as a major resort destination in the Southern Interior of British Columbia.